The ENEPRI network

The European Network of Economic Policy Research Institutes (ENEPRI) brings together twenty-five leading national economic policy research institutes from most of the EU-27 countries. The goals of the network are to foster the international diffusion of existing research, co-ordinate research plans, conduct joint research and increase public awareness of the European dimension of national economic policy issues. ENEPRI was created in 2000 at the initiative of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). Its first three years of activities were financed by the European Commission under the Fifth Research Framework Programme.

The activities of ENEPRI include the organisation of workshops and conferences, the publication of working papers and the development of common research projects. These activities are co-ordinated and managed by CEPS.

Several projects conducted by ENEPRI members, most often with partners from outside the Network, receive finance from the European Commission.

These include, under the 7th Research Framework Programme

INNODRIVE - Intangible Capital and Innovations: Drivers of Growth and Location in the EU

ANCIEN - Assessing Needs of Care in European Nations 

INDICSER - Indicators for evaluating international performance in service sectors


Under the 6th Research Framework Programme

AHEAD - Ageing, Health Status and Determinants of Health Expenditure -
go to AHEAD page for research reports and presentations from the final conference!

TAXBEN - Tax/Benefit Systems and Growth Potential of the EU -

AIM - Adequacy and sustainability of old-age income maintenance

And, under the 5th Research Framework Programme:

AGIR - Ageing, Health and Retirement in Europe

DEMWEL - Demographic Uncertainty and the Sustainability of Social Welfare Systems

REVISER - a Research Training Network on Ageing, Health and Retirement in Europe


Additional information on ENEPRI activities and research projects can be obtained from Research Fellow Mikkel Barslund (CEPS).