• Working Paper: Unemployment Duration and Job Quality

    by Bernhard Schmidpeter, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer  (August, 2018)

  • Decomposing the Drivers of Changes in Inequality During the Great Recession in Ireland using the Fields Approach

    by Cathal O'Donoghue, Jason Loughrey, Denisa Sologon  (August, 2018)

  • Enabling Sustainable Savings and Investment Channels in Europe: Opportunities and Challenges

    by Cosmina Amariei  (July, 2018)

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 Upcoming Activities

  • Save the Date: Health and Environment Conference

    Time and place:  12/10/2018  in Dublin, Ireland

  • IHS Internal Seminar: Beate Littig

    Time and place:  03/09/2018  in Vienna, Austria

  • Inequality and Social Relations

    Time and place:  12/09/2018  in Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • Gender Inequalities in Extending Working Lives

    Time and place:  26/09/2018  in London, United Kingdom

  • Seminar: Beneficial Health Insurance and healthcare utilization: new evidence from a large-scale field experiment

    Time and place:  28/08/2018  in The Hague, Netherlands

  • Vienna Macroeconomics Workshop

    Time and place:  12/10/2018  in Vienna, Austria

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