How Biden Has Fared So Far on His Promises

Governments are tricky. We kind of elect them, sometimes without even wanting them. Some governments elect themselves, proclaiming democracy while being something different entirely.

In the United States, every election is a spectacle to be seen by the world. There is betting involved and there are many promises and talks of a better future, as well as how things will be improved should the said candidate be selected to be president.

The current president of the US, Joe Biden, has made some promises. How is he doing? Are any of the promises fulfilled? Let us look at how his tenure is going.

200 Million Vaccine Shots

Joe Biden stated that he would first have 100 million vaccinated people as soon as possible, but as the goal was developing, he raised the stakes to 200 million. On the 98th day of presidency, this goal was reached. This is a rather large number of vaccinated people, but there is still a lot of criticism that there are not enough vaccines or that there are far too few vaccinated people, regardless of the already large number of vaccinated people. 

Living in the limelight is bound to be full of criticism, no matter how important the actions are.

1.9$ Trillion COVID Relief Package

This was done almost immediately after the election. Biden reserved a lot of money for local schools and governments, to fund vaccinations and help reopen education to everybody. This was met with little to no resistance, the reasons being obvious. He even met with republicans, though the meeting was unnecessary in the end, because the relief package was met and governments and schools got their funding, and more importantly, the opportunity to do their jobs safely.

Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement

One of the many silly and dangerous things that Donald Trump did, was to leave the Paris Climate Agreement. Biden was quick to change that upon being elected president. The goal of the climate agreement is to reduce emissions from 2005 until 2030 by 50%. This is a large number but it is also a very meaningful one. Climate change is a real threat which is often overlooked because of profit and greed. 

Rejoining the World Health Organisation

The WHO is doing a lot of great work in general, but particularly during the COVID pandemic. Trump wanted to cancel US support and funding to the WHO due to alleged connections to China. 

Biden was very quick to reverse this decision, which benefits everybody. The US did not technically leave the WHO, but the process of leaving was halted.

Biden, like any president, has made plenty of promises. These were some of the fulfilled promises. There are promises which are being worked at the moment, as well as those which have yet to be started on.