Apps That Help You Go Green

Helping the environment is something that we should all start considering. The smallest things you do can accumulate over time, or rather, over a large volume, for example, everybody on the planet. And while not everybody has access to the same resources, most of us have access to the internet. With that said, there are many different ways the internet helps us when it comes to providing both entertainment and education on how to go green.

When it comes to entertainment, having access to the internet enables us to play games, download applications and even gamble. And while you wouldn’t maybe link these two things in the first place, you would be surprised to learn that switching to online casinos is a way to save energy! With that being said, different ways of saving energy can be learned and obtained through various applications. 

Here are the best applications to help you go green.

WeDontHaveTime Climate Change

This application has a very interesting name and it pretty much nails the modern disease of “not having time”. When we spend hours staring into a screen and watching social media, it is almost impossible to have time for anything else. When you don’t have time, you need to make time, mostly by removing all the clutter that you find on your phone and in your life in general. 

This application can help you understand what is going on in the world and how climate change is affecting the world. The application can also teach you how you can impact climate change, positively and negatively. We Don’t Have Time, in this case, refers to the planets and us living on the planet. 


Like footprint, waterprint can teach us about our water print, or rather, how much water we waste and how much we actually need. The application can calculate anything from how much water you need to how much water your plants will need, whether those plants are apples or cacti.

As much as our carbon footprints are important, our water footprints are also important, simply because water is precious and even though it eventually comes back through rain, it is best that we preserve it as much as possible. Healthy habits are good, no matter the occasion. 


Fitness trackers and tracker apps in general, are interesting for the casual user. The interesting part about tracker apps is that they can be used for various purposes. One of the ways to use tracker apps is to track how much energy we waste, whether water or electricity, and how to reduce our carbon and water footprint.

Oroeco is a tracker application, which can help us understand the impact we have on the environment, as well as the impact we could have if we were to apply ourselves a bit more, in the right ways.

Applications are there to be commodities, but also to be useful and to help us go through our daily lives. These applications are the best ones that can help us lead greener lives, lives that are friendlier to the environment and the planet. 

There are other applications to consider, like ShareWaste, PaperKarma, Good Guide, iRecycle and many more, depending on what one needs and wants to do.