Creative Fundraisers for the Planet

Think globally, act locally. There is a reason for this principle or catch-phrase. It means that you do not need to start a large-scale attack on the polluters or join protests and strikes to get your point across. Small actions can also bear fruit. Here are a few fundraising ideas that you can implement.

Just a little heads up, local governments sometimes have their own rules and regulations concerning events like these, for example, when it comes to lotteries, so make sure you are allowed to organize these events before you schedule them.

Reusable Disposables

You know how people often take more than they need when it comes to materials that are hard or nearly impossible to recycle and treat it like garbage? To prevent this, you can create your own reusable items to sell in order to prevent this. One of the biggest things in this regard is the reusable shopping bag. You will be glad to know that even the stores that keep using regular plastic bags have started charging their customers for them in order to raise awareness of the issue.

Plant a Seed

You can ask people to donate to you for planting a seed in your garden or an area you have access to and permission to do so. Don’t be afraid to spice it up by offering, for example, a chance to name their pet plant. You can even go one step beyond by planting a seed on a location in the wild of their choosing, complete with photographic evidence and mentioning them by name in social media. Just make sure the cost justifies the wishes.

Collect Electric and Electronic Junk

You can ask your friends and neighbors if there was a piece of electric or electronic junk they would like to get rid of. The thing is that many people dispose of this waste improperly, doing irreparable damage to the soil. By doing this and selling the junk to a recycler, you are not only saving the environment but are also getting something for it. If it is money, you can set it aside for your cause. If not, well, at least the junk is not on the landfill.

Marathons or Walkathons

Get someone to sponsor you for every mile you run or walk on a track. You can organize this event, or just participate in it. Inform your potential sponsor that they would be paying money for the distance that you cover, so it is more like making a bet with them to see whether you can pull it off or not.

This doesn’t have to take place in a city. You can go on a hiking trip with your friends and film yourself at key locations.


It doesn’t matter if it is a bake sale, a yard sale, or any other sale you can come up with. The point is that you notify people buying your merchandise that the money they pay for the goods is going towards your cause.

Sales are a great way to get your local community involved. Before you know it, there are going to be similar fundraisers you can participate in. The buzz will keep on going.


It could be trivia, darts, dancing, a video game tournament, or whatever you want it to be. The participants pay a certain amount of money to participate in your game and the proceeds can go to protecting the environment.