The Coolest Sustainability Inventions

Our everyday lives are usually very stressful, and we love to sit back and unwind with our favorite hobby, whether it is reading, knitting, or betting online. But sometimes, we need a cool invention or a gadget to remind us of what’s important. So, we’ve made a list of a few cool inventions that remind us we should not waste our resources. If we are lucky enough, these inventions will change the world. Who knows – you might even see them as a challenge and come up with your own project.

A Shower That Throws You Out

Okay, it doesn’t actually throw you. It is actually a shower curtain that is in the shape of long spikes. Don’t worry, they are harmless – they just look scary. Spiky, as it is affectionately nicknamed by its creator, Elisabeth Beucher, lays dormant until it notices that you have been using running water for four minutes. The spikes then inflate, taking up space and forcing you to stop showering and get out.

It is a great way to reduce water consumption by creating a habit of showering quickly and efficiently. However, it takes some getting used to and you may want to warn any house guests you might be having over.

Plastic Bottles as Bricks

We’ve covered this topic more extensively in another piece. You are more than welcome to read it, as we’ve discussed the use of plastic as a building material. Suffice it to say it is cheap, durable, and it also answers the question of what to do with a substance that doesn’t dissolve naturally.


LifeStraw is not just cool, it’s a lifesaver. Quite literally, in fact. The straw is designed for places with no access to clean drinking water. It contains a hollow fiber membrane that prevents bacteria and other contaminants from harming the drinker. How do you clean it? Blow out the remaining liquid, open both ends of the straw and let it dry at room temperature. There is nothing more to it. This is, easily, our favorite on the list. Way to go to its creators, the Vestergaard Company.


If bees go, we are next. Many companies are aware of this, so it is natural that they have tried to come up with a solution. After all, with climate change, the expansion of urban areas, and the insecticides we use, bees are fighting for their very existence.

The University of Warsaw created B-Droid, a tiny robot bee that is designed not to completely replace our honey-having heroes, but to offer them some respite. B-Droid is designed to take on the difficult tasks where there is little to no nutrition so that our bees could survive and multiply more easily.


Where does plastic come from? Oil, you say? What if we told you that doesn’t have to be the case? Newlight Technologies developed a type of plastic that would normally end up in the air in the form of carbon emissions. So, we get to use plastic not made from oil that we get by keeping the air cleaner. Is that awesome, or what?