How Does a Good Government Plan for the Future?

Are there examples of good governments? How do they prepare for the things to come? Is there are way for an entire government to prepare and optimize their country for the days to come? What does that even mean and include?

Well, here are some things that governments can do to prepare for the future and prevent any unnecessary negative events.

Learning from the Past

Each government has gone through various phases and changes, and they have a history which holds a lot of lessons. Learning from that history would mean that the governments would be able to repeat the previous successes and minimize the failures.

Good governments will learn those lessons by heart, using them as guidelines as to what they should and shouldn’t do.

Judging the Present

There is no point in planning for the future and anticipating change and striving for new goals if you do not take in the entirety of your present situation and start there. The past offers great lessons but the present is what you have to work with. A country with large debts and poor salaries cannot strive for becoming the greatest in the world before solving some more pressing matters.

Likewise, if your country is bombarded by earthquakes, it would do you no good to boast about an athlete winning a goal medal if he ends up having no country to return to. The present situation can give you a good indicative of where the country is heading.

Preparing for the Future

Imagine, one year, a couple of towns get flooded due to intense rain and water levels rising. By the next year, good governments will have expanded the river bed, or built dams and blockades to prevent any town or village or city, even, from being flooded.

The past provides lessons, the present the state and budget of your country and the future holds whatever you forge during the time it takes to get there.

Listening to the Citizens (provided that they have a voice)

Listening to one’s citizens is a good way of knowing what they want changed and fixed. If the citizens have no voice, they should be given one.

Switzerland is a primary example of a country where citizens vote on anything from financing local festivals to repairing routes to entire laws being changed. The people make the country and they should be listened to.

Looking at the Neighboring Countries and the World

A good government does not just look locally, but also globally. Your neighbors are preparing some revolution, you prepare your borders for possible refugees. The world is moving in one direction, see whether it would benefit your country to move alongside the world.

Foreign politics can tell you a lot about what is going on in the world and they usually point at the future like you would at the moon when it’s full. You only need to realize what they are pointing at.

These are but some ways a good government can plan for the future of their country.