How Human History is Directed by Technology

The modern era produced a group of people called techies. A techie is a person who is obsessed with new technology. Every gadget and breakthrough is seen as a new toy to be played with. Pretty soon, these toys become standard.

The interesting thing about this is that these days we are doing things that were beyond the imagination of most people. We can send a message to the other end of the world and receive a response within a minute. We can also watch football games, tennis matches and follow different leagues around the globe without leaving our house. We can also play games online and use several benefits like the Golden Nugget bonus code. Here is how technology and science have shaped the world that we know today.


The technology behind agriculture began with using our hands, the simple tools, followed by animals, machines, and finally things like blockchain technology to make the process more efficient. The purpose of farming also changed. It was originally about the food you can eat, then the food your ruler allowed you to eat, and now it is a common occurrence to take your time picking what type of fruits and vegetables you prefer and whether you want to eat something domestic or exotic.

The produce has moved from the essential part of our diet to fads and proper nutrition. These days, only farmers get excited at the yield of the crops and terrified when the weather and other factors ruin it, as it affects their income and survivability. As for the rest of us, we just try to pick the largest, juiciest, unbruised, organic, and pesticide-free produce.

Furthermore, automation is diminishing the need for physical labor done by humans and animals, with the former having to readjust, re-educate, and find another type of employment. Technology is becoming a grandmother to the average consumer, ready to spoil them with the greatest products and services, lest they move a finger.


It is not just agriculture that is being changed by machines. Most industries that relied on heavy manual labor, like car manufacturing, now use machines for most of the heavy lifting. The result is the longer lifespan and survivability of the factory workers, but also the need to be able to become flexible and versatile. People need to learn how to work alongside machines or be ready to find another field of employment.


Another addition to the workforce is the so-called outsourcing, coming from the internet. Basically, if you are looking for professional in a field and are not able or willing to hire someone from your own country, simply turn to one of the countries that are economically not doing so well. You and your company get an expert for the fraction of the cost, without the person immigrating to your country.

At first glance, everybody wins with this arrangement. The employer gets better products and services for a smaller cost, while the worker gets employed and paid more than they normally would. The problems arise when the companies get carried away and demand too much of the people who are in a bind economically. In addition to that, local experts, craftsmen, teachers, and so on, are forced to look for work elsewhere.


Entertainment was a way of escapism, a simple breather to get through the hard times. Nowadays, entertainment online is a drug that can be taken anytime, anywhere. It is more available and more engaging, making it more difficult to focus at problems up ahead.

It isn’t inherently bad. The internet has also connected us to each other, allowing us to share information and world views. You can discuss politics, economy belief systems and so much more with so many more people.