Is Marijuana the Business of the Future?

Marijuana, a very controversial substance which has been proven on several occasions to be beneficial to human health in smaller doses, but also detrimental in larger, is getting legalized in more and more countries and states of our world. That presents us with new questions, such as whether marijuana will become a new business, one that might take over other existing businesses? It probably won’t go that far, and here are a couple of reasons why.

Marijuana has been Here the Whole Time

People might like to think that marijuana wasn’t already on the streets or in the hands of teachers, priests, children, mothers, fathers and almost every person. People have tried marijuana and more often than not, have their own stashes. Some people grow marijuana in countries where you can get jail time just for possession, let alone consumption or production.

With that in mind, it shouldn’t be any different to what it might become after legalization. The only thing to note is that larger companies might invest into marijuana, like companies already working with plants, for example, tea companies or supplement producers.

Marijuana Cannot Compete with the Pharmacy Industry

Yes, people give their entire lives to think of a new drug and new ways of solving health issues, but then again, the pharmacy industry has to make a living. Luckily for them, people are often negligent and will avoid doctors like the plague, to the point when visiting the doctor’s results in surgery or long-term medication.

Marijuana cannot really compete with that, but it can become a mosquito which will either be ignored, or crushed, but most likely absorbed as it could be a relatively lucrative business investment, provided that it is marketed accordingly.

Organic Marijuana Might Bloom into a Lucrative Business

Organic products are often marketed as being better and whether that is true or not, people will still purchase them so that they feel better about their health (no matter the 200 grams of chocolate they consumed prior to drinking organic juice). Organic marijuana might also be differentiated from non-organic products, which will surely be prevalent due to how industry and margins work. People will feel better just by knowing that it is organic marijuana and mood plays a vital role in how marijuana affects the body and mind. It could be a win-win situation for future marijuana producers.

People Might Actually Stop Using it Once It Becomes Legal

This might seem strange at first, but people like doing things that are slightly bad or illegal. Some people might stop using marijuana when it becomes legal because it is not cool anymore and because everyone can do it. The feeling of being unique is often connected to the strangest of things, marijuana not being an exception.

It Takes a While to Break Long-Standing Opinions

The current generations might have a problem with legalized marijuana because it has not been legal their entire lives. This does not affect people who have already used marijuana, but those who haven’t. They might skip on marijuana even after it’s legal.

It will sell better when never generations come, because they will be born into a world where marijuana is legal.

These are the reasons as to why marijuana might not be the business of the future.