The Best Apps for Book lovers

Book lovers are frequent, despite the many complaints that people should read more and think about Betting Bonus less. People read a lot already, it is just that most of the readers are often so absorbed in their books that they rarely have the time or attention to be noticed.

Book lovers also use phones, as most people do. But a book lover does not just have to read books, as it would be impractical to carry a backpack full of encyclopedias. A phone, on the other hand, can have multiple applications a book lover will enjoy and make use of. Here are the best applications a book lover could ask for.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon is the company behind their famous e-reader called Kindle. While Kindle is not the same as your phone, given that your phone will probably not have an e-ink screen, you can still download this app and get access to a lot of books. Purchasing and reading the books is really easy. You can sync all of your previous purchases and move your libraries as you please. You can also download the books you need if you find yourself without internet. The application is well-made and available for both Android and iOS devices. It is really easy to use and has a large marketplace.


If you have watched any YouTube videos, you have probably listened to Audible advertisements. Audible is a great application for many reasons as audiobooks are really great on some occasions. While traveling or walking, it is easier to listen to a book than to look at your phone and bump into people or fall of places you shouldn’t even get near. You have a 30 day trial which is very generous considering what you get for that time. After that, you have to pay a monthly subscription for a single free book per month, or purchase the books you want. Subscribing gives you discounts on any subsequent purchase.

TED Books

TED Talks a lot of people is familiar with, but TED Books? It is similar to TED Talks except you get books which are mostly under 20,000 words and follow the same format as the Talks. They are meant to inspire and give you something to think about. It is a great application if you want to learn something new or listen to people’s experiences.


This application provides you with a comprehensive list of reviews, made by people who read the books. You can read on almost any book before purchasing to make sure that what you are after is something you might actually like. Spending money on something you find disappointing is not a nice feeling. Likewise, you can scan barcodes of books if you want to remember them, adding them to your to-read list. This application is also a kind of a social media application, as you do interact and talk with people.


A subscription-based application which allows you access to their entire library of books for about 8 dollars a month. That is not a lot of money for a lot of books. It is essentially a good deal. Scribd also has a lot of user-submitted documents, which are often either scanned books, fiction and nonfiction.

These are the best apps any book lover could wish for.