Can Traditional Books Survive the Electronic Revolution?

Some people love the feel of paper against their fingers, despite the frequent paper cuts. The act of opening a book and turning the pages is something personal, which often puts people into a very specific mood, call it a reading mood.

But, books can also be bulky and you can only purchase and carry so many of them before you fill your entire bedroom and living room and dining room. Regularly dusting all those books takes a lot of time.

Tablets, on the other hand, are usually lighter than a single book and less bulky. They can hold more than a thousand of books, up to tens of thousands of them, depending on the storage size. They can also be cleaned with a swipe of your hand. Why is it, then, that not everyone is using a tablet or e-reader to read books? Will traditional books survive despite the electronic revolution?

Books – A Gateway to Art

Books are art themselves. Just like people haven’t given up on painting or drawing by hand because they have all the superior software available to them, they will not give up on books. Books are a part of many people’s lives. Just as schools have transitioned to incorporating more and more IT devices, it was expected for students to start transitioning to e-readers, as well as most schools and universities. That has yet to happen, at least on a larger scale. Yes, most books which are physical are available in pdf or mobi or epub formats, yet they remain in print.

Books, like art, are simply a part of our culture as a species and will probably continue to stay here, despite tablets being much more practical.

Tablets – A Practical and Simple Replacement

Tablets can be carried anywhere, and so can your library of one thousand books. They are light and easy to clean and maintain. They can also easily be replaced and your library is most likely stored online, anyway.

Tablets are not made of paper, or rather, trees so they are environmentally friendly. Even though books are made of recycled paper for the most part, they still require trees for the highest quality of paper. They are surely going to replace books, right?

Both Are Likely Here to Stay

As much as people love talking about the superior feeling of books or the practicality of tablets, it is unlikely that the paper industry or semiconductor industry are ever going to go out of business. Books are most likely here to stay, and alongside tablets, they make a great couple for people who value space and practicality yet still love the feeling of paper in their hands.